The Vitrofestival Romont is a celebration of the arts of glass and glass painting, and is the only event of its kind in Switzerland. The bi-annual festival started in 2009. Each of the four festivals to date has attracted some 5000 visitors – lovers of glass crafts as well as professionals working in art glass, usually bringing friends or family with them: they all come to enjoy the festive atmosphere in Romont. The large number of glass artists taking part illustrates the importance of this event.

The aim of the festival is to promote contemporary stained glass and glass art. The creations of recognised artists are on display in the galleries; there is a crafts market, as well as various demonstrations of many of the techniques used in making glass objects of all kinds and various children's workshops. As part of the festival, a conference is organised for the dissemination and exchange of information among glass artists and experts – a unique opportunity for those interested in this field.

The Vitrofestival is organised by an association in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and is an event not to be missed by anyone who works with or enjoys the art(s) of glass.

The Vitrofestival 2022 will take place from 9 to 10 April 2022.

Vitrofestival Romont Au Château P.O. Box 150 CH-1680 Romont Phone +41 (0)26 652 10 95 Fax +41 (0)26 652 49 17 cr:vasb:ivgebsrfgviny.pu