On 15 January 2013, the non-profit-making association Vitrofestival Romont was founded in accordance with Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.

The Committee:

  • Society for the Development of Romont and Surrounding Area
  • Verarte.ch
  • Swiss Professional Association for Stained Glass / APSV
  • Society of Friends of the Vitromusée Romont
  • Vitromusée Romont

The members of the committee are pleased to give their unreserved support to this event, which adds yet another dimension to Romont as a showcase for the glass arts.

Vitrofestival Romont Au Château P.O. Box 150 CH-1680 Romont Phone +41 (0)26 652 10 95 Fax +41 (0)26 652 49 17 cr:vasb:ivgebsrfgviny.pu