The Vitrofestival Romont is a celebration of the arts of glass and glass painting, and is the only event of its kind in Switzerland. The festival started in 2009 and continued in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022. Each of the seven festivals to date has attracted some 5000 visitors – lovers of glass crafts as well as professionals working in art glass, usually bringing friends or family with them: they all come to enjoy the festive atmosphere in Romont. The large number of glass artists taking part illustrates the importance of this event.

The aim of the festival is to promote contemporary stained glass and glass art. The creations of recognised artists are on display in the galleries; there is a crafts market, as well as various demonstrations of many of the techniques used in making glass objects of all kinds and various children’s workshops. As part of the festival, a conference is organised for the dissemination and exchange of information among glass artists and experts – a unique opportunity for those interested in this field.

The Vitrofestival is organised by an association in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and is an event not to be missed by anyone who works with or enjoys the art(s) of glass.


The next edition will take place in 2025!


This triennal festival provides a rare opportunity to witness the seemingly magical processes of transformation of the astonishing substance we call glass. Watching how artistically and precisely the glass can be shaped when held to a flame is a fascinating spectacle for both young and old alike. A wide range of demonstrations are presented, where artists reveal many of the refinements and intricacies of different techniques used in the fashioning of glass. 

Two kinds of demonstration can be reserved for the weekend. The first type is arranged together with the organisers, and is held in a designated place, offering a good view to a large number of spectators. The second type of demonstration is put on by stall-holders at their own stand.


The market (along with the gallery) forms the heart and soul of the festival. Not only artists and artisans, but also suppliers of glass and related materials as well as antique dealers and other sellers of glassware are invited to participate.

Glass artists and artisans from Switzerland and abroad take part in the market and present a wide-ranging choice of objects made out of glass: jewellery, glass beads, decorative objects, bowls, vases, tableware, recycled glass, stained glass, Tiffany-style objects and more – to the delight of connoisseurs, and the fascination of the general public.


The gallery provides an opportunity for glass artists to present their recent work in the castle courtyard and surrounding area. And for the public to discover the great diversity of contemporary glass art.


Children are specifically catered for during this weekend by mini-workshops giving them hands-on experience with the material of glass itself: under the guidance of enthusiastic and qualified leaders, they can join in varied activities to create luminous and colourful objects out of glass.

Children can participate in various workshops, such as sandblasting on glass, held in a marquee on the Vitrofestival site or in the museum.